#Startupdining with business angels Jesper Buch and Morten Larsen

The Odds Club team was so lucky to win a dinnernight via #chefmadedk

Besides being served an amazing diner prepared by Kokkeriet, we got the chance to present our startup in front of no less than Jesper Buch and Morten Larsen (founders of Just-eat, Hungry, Miinto and many more) and get their feedback

Dinner held privately at Jesper Buchs wonderfull home, in his “royal” dinning room, with pictures of all Danish Kings and Queens though out time.

Thank you for your hospitality a lovely and very interesting night, where we tried to take in all the information shared around the table.


Main course – just yummy
Dessert – more yummy

To learn more about the two nice and easygoing business angels have a look at



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