Odds Club ApS Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


The Odds Club app (hereafter the app) is offered and managed by Odds Club ApS (hereafter Odds Club). The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the app. By downloading this app, you acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and conditions. If you are unable to accept these Terms and Conditions, do not use this app.

1. Disclaimer

Use of the app and its facilities as well as all material and information obtained from this app is at your own risk. Odds Club hereby expressly disclaims all liability and express or implied warranties, of any kind, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of applicability or merchantability, fitness for a given purpose, or any infringement of any third party right.

Odds Club is also not responsible for the inability of the app and the software used or retrieved, loss of data and services due to delays, failure to deliver, failure to deliver or interrupt the service, for the accuracy, quality or nature of the information obtained from the app and not nor for the consequences of viruses taken from administrator servers, or any liability, cost, loss of profits or other losses incurred as a result of using, or the inability to access the app.

In terms of user content, Odds Club is not responsible for content published in chats, messages and discussion sites as well as other common areas. Odds Club cannot be held responsible if published user content violates any third-party rights. All such content, whether expressed as opinions, statements or recommendations, is the views expressed by users and not Odds Clubs.

This app may be linked to other apps and internet sites that are not maintained by the Odds Club. Odds Club does not in any way have the information, products or services offered on other affiliated internet sites and is not responsible for their content. It can for example. enable users to purchase goods and other services through the app. Some of these shopping options may be offered by third-party retailers associated with the app. Registered users can also communicate with or participate in company promotions on the app. Odds Club in no way participates in these third parties and such transactions, correspondence with or participation in promotional actions, and any terms, conditions, warranties or disclosures related to such matters are solely a matter between the User and the third party. The Odds Club assumes no obligation or responsibility for any part of any such transaction, correspondence or participation.

You agree to indemnify Odds Club for all claims and costs, loss of profits, loss of data, or loss arising as a result of these Terms being breached by you.

2. Rights to the content of the app

All material in the app is owned either by the Odds Club or its licensors, and the material is protected by copyright and trademark laws. You may not copy, modify, reproduce, transmit, transmit or distribute material from this app in any way, including the underlying codes and software, unless authorized to do so.

You are only allowed to use the contents of this app for your private and non-commercial use.

That is, browse and print individual pages or sections for private use. Any unauthorized use of the above, including names, trademarks and materials, will result in damages.

3. Odds Club's rights and obligations

Odds Club will endeavor to ensure that the app and its facilities are accessible at all times and that the content provided by the Odds Club is true, accurate and error free. However, we do not make any warranties to this effect unless expressly stated.

Odds Club has the right, at any time and without notice, to terminate the app's services or any of the additional affiliated services, and to block certain users' accounts or access rights.

Odds Club reserves the right to change these terms without prior notice.

4. Jurisdiction and choice of law

These terms and rights are governed by Danish law and must be interpreted accordingly. You and the Odds Club acknowledge the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts regarding the matters covered by the Terms.

If a court of competent jurisdiction determines that one or more of the terms of the Terms is invalid or unenforceable, it shall be interpreted as close to the original wording as possible to reflect the intentions of the Odds Club at the same time as other provisions above retain full, unchanged validity.

If the Odds Club fails to assert any rights or provisions in the Terms, this will not result in such right or provision being waived unless the Odds Club has given written consent.

5. Paid services

If you choose to subscribe to any of our extended paid services, these terms of payment and billing apply. Paid services and billing will automatically renew unless you cancel them. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

App purchase cannot be undone. Upon purchase, 14 days cancellation right is waived.

Purchases of services, including Badges, cannot be undone. Upon purchase, 14 days cancellation right is waived.

We offer certain extended versions of our Services (“Extended Services”) for a fee. See below terms for PREMIUM subscription and purchase of Badges. By signing up and using the Extended Services, you agree to our terms and all additional terms and conditions set out here. You also agree, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to waive your 14-day cancellation right as soon as you subscribe to extended services so that you can access them immediately.

Our extended services give you access to certain extended products, services, features and functionality. By signing up and using our Extended Services, including signing up for free trial versions of the Extended Services, you agree to pay fees and other amounts applicable to the Extended Services (such as subscription fees).

When you sign up for our Extended Services, you must provide and provide information about your preferred payment method (“Payment Method”). This information must be complete and accurate, and you are responsible for keeping it updated. You expressly authorize us, through automatic transfer via Apple or Google Account or from your payment method, to charge the relevant fees for the Extended Services and for any other purchase you choose to make through our Services.

You can choose to pay for our extended services (PREMIUM subscription) on a monthly or yearly basis. Unless otherwise stated, all fees for our Extended Services may be paid in advance and will automatically be billed to the payment method at the beginning of the Monthly or Yearly Period for the Extended Service, whichever is applicable. Unless otherwise specified, our Extended Services will be automatically renewed until you choose to cancel your access to our Extended Services. All purchases of our extended services are final and non-refundable except at our sole discretion and in accordance with the rules of each extended service.

5.1 Termination or Cancellation of Extended Services

If you do not pay the fees or charges for your use of our Extended Services, we may make reasonable efforts to notify you and resolve the issue, but we reserve the right to disable or terminate your access to our Extended Services (and may do so). Without warning).

You may cancel our Extended Services at any time. More information on how to cancel can be found here for Apple devices - https://support.apple.com/da-dk/HT202039 and for Android devices here https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=en&ref_topic=1689236

Once you cancel your extended service and receive confirmation, no other changes can be made to your account. The cancellation of an extended service will take effect at the end of your current billing period, and you will have the same level of access to our extended service throughout the remainder of such billing period. For example, if is billed on a monthly basis and cancels over a given month, then you will be charged for the entire month and will continue to have access to our extended service until the end of that month.

There is no refund for cancellation or cancellation of our extended service. If you no longer wish to subscribe to an extended service, it is your responsibility to cancel your extended service well in advance, whether you are actively using our extended service or not.

5.2 Price changes

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, we may change our prices for extended services at any time. We will notify you reasonably of such price change by posting the new prices on or through the applicable extended service and / or sending you an email. If you do not want to pay the new prices, you can cancel that extended service before the changes take effect.

5.3 Additional Terms of Purchase of Badge

Purchases of services, including badges, cannot be undone. Upon purchase, 14 days cancellation right is waived

The badge will be displayed with your profile picture in the app and will remain available during your time as an app user.

You buy one Badge at a time.

Applicable price per Badge is:

USD 1.99 per Badge

EUR 1.99 per Badge

DKK 19 per Badge

5.4 Additional terms for PREMIUM subscription

Purchase of PREMIUM subscription cannot be undone. Upon purchase, 14 days cancellation right is waived.

Subscribing to a PREMIUM account will give user below advantages:

  • No adds
  • Extended coupon and bonus game deadline - 15 minutes before the first match starts
  • Free badge selection for your profile picture
  • View statistics for other users' choices on the coupon before filling out your own coupon
  • Auto-generated random coupon if you forget to fill out your coupon before the deadline
  • Live update of coupons and points after each match on the coupon is completed
  • See what your league players have selected on coupons after the first match has started in the round

PREMIUM subscriptions can be subscribed to on a monthly or yearly basis that will be automatically renewed as per below.

Current pricing is:

Monthly PREMIUM Subscription (will be automatically renewed as per below):

USD 1.99 per month

EUR 2.99 per month

DKK 19 per month

Yearly PREMIUM Subscription (will be automatically renewed as per below):

USD 19.99 per year

EUR 19.99 per year

DKK 199 per year

Payments are charged to the user's Apple ID/Google Play account at confirmation of purchase.

Subscriptions will automatically renew unless the user cancels at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The account is charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Users can manage and cancel subscriptions in their account settings on the Apple App Store and Google Play store or on their devices - see guide for Apple devices here: https://support.apple.com/da-dk/HT202039 and for Android devices here: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?hl=en&ref_topic=1689236

6. Age

You must be 18 years of age to register as a user in the app.

7. Newsletter, emails about your leagues and push messages

You can sign up for our newsletter when you register as a user. The newsletter will contain information about new games, competitions, promotions, events, etc. There is a link to unsubscribe in the received emails.

You will receive emails with information about your user profile and emails with information about the developments in the leagues you are participating in.

You will receive push notifications with information about the progress of the leagues you are participating in and reminders to fill out your coupons. You can disable push notifications from within the app. Note, however, that if push messages are disabled you will decrease your ability to perform well in your leagues.

8. Profiles and usernames

Odds Club reserves the right to change or reject profiles and usernames that may be offensive or offensive. This includes names that are commercial or otherwise attempt to exploit the Odds Club as a media. In none of the above cases, paid money will be refunded.

9. Gameplay

To participate, you must download the Odds Club app and register as a user.

Once created, you can create and join all the leagues you want.

9.1 Join a League

To join a League, navigate to the LEAGUE section, find the League you want to join via the search function in the upper right corner, and tap Join.

As long as a League is in progress, new entrants can join it. However, participants not in from Round 1 will only be able to collect points from the Round from which they enter the League.

9.2 Create a League

To create a League, navigate to the ADMIN section and tap CREATE NEW LEAGUE. Here you will be guided through a flow where you choose how many matches to be guessed on, how many rounds the League should run, as well as which Sports, Countries and Leagues should be included. You can also specify whether to play with or without Bonus Match.

9.3 Invite participants

When you, as an ADMIN, have created a League, you must invite participants into your League. This is done via SETTINGS in the ADMIN section. You tap the icon and select Invite Players, which gives you more opportunities to invite participants.

Of course, you can also just tell your friends what the league is called, and they can find it via the search function in the LEAGUE section.

9.4 Specify a Co-Admin

As the ADMIN of a League, you can specify up to 3 Co-Admin/s. Co-Admin/s is granted the same rights as ADMIN to create rounds, invite participants, and accept/reject participation requests.

9.5 Create a Round

Once you have created a League, it will appear in your overview in the ADMIN section. The Coupon icon will be green when the League is ready for a round.

To create a round, touch the green Coupon icon. Here is a list of available matches based on the sports, countries and League selections you made during the creation of the League.

You can now select the matches you would like to include in the round by tapping on them and then pressing Add to Coupon.

Once you've added the matches you want, you can view the coupon by clicking View Coupon.

Here you can either start the round by pressing the START ROUND or delete one or more matches if you regret and want to make another choice.

9.6 How to fill in your coupon

In the LEAGUES section, the Coupon icon will be green if you, as a League member, have a Coupon to fill out.

You fill in your Coupon by tapping on the icon and then making your choices/guesses on what the outcome will be in each match by pressing 1 X or 2 respectively.

If playing with Bonus Match you must also choose this one. This is done by pressing the match you want it to be.

Once you have made your selections, the Voucher will be saved by pressing SAVE COUPON.

9.7 Deadlines

Both as a participant and as an ADMIN you will be reminded of when there are coupons to be created or filled in if you have said yes to PUSH messages in the Odds Club app.

Deadline for setting your Coupons is 6 hours before the start of the match in the first match of a round.

You can extend this deadline to just 15 minutes before the match starts if you are a PREMIUM user of the app.

9.8 Points

You get points for every correct guessed result of the matches on a Coupon.

The points are matched by the odds placed on the match by our partner. That is, if the odds is 1.65 then you get 1.65 points for this correct result and your total point number is then made up of points for all correct guessed matches.

It is the odds that we have received from our partner at the time of a Round, being started that is used to calculate points. This means that even though the odds of a match have changed before the start of the match, it is the stated odds that apply. This also means that you can participate in different Leagues with the same match included in a Round where the odds are different, as the odds are updated regularly by our partner. All players in a League naturally have the same odds.

If a match is canceled, it is the result from partner that applies.

If a game is going into overtime, penalty shootout, etc. then it is the final result og the match that counts in the points calculation. Be aware of this if the game must have a winner.

9.9 Bonus Match

If ADMIN has chosen to play the League with a Bonus match, all participants will have to choose a Bonus match in all rounds. This choice is individual, and participants can not see which Bonus Match other players have chosen.

If you guess correct on the self-selected bonus match, you get double points for this. This means that if the odds is 1.65 you get 1.65 x 2 = 3.30 points.

9.10 Ranking

After each round you can see the ranking in the League by pressing the League you want to see the ranking in the LEAGUE section.

You can switch between seeing the overall position after the latest round, after all the earlier rounds, and you can also see the result of the individual rounds separately.

If you are a PREMIUM user, you will be able to see an updated ranking after each completed match in the round.

9.11 Chat and messages

All leagues have a Chat section which is found by touching the Chat icon next to the League in the LEAGUES section.

Here, participants can write to each other.

In the MESSAGE section you can write directly to ADMIN for the League if you have any questions.

From here, ADMIN can write information to all participants in the League

9.12 Accepting/Rejecting Participants

Requests to Join a League, if you are the ADMIN of a League, will appear in the MESSAGE section.

If there are any requests awaiting your acceptance, this will appear in a red bubble with numbers in.

You accept participants by navigating to the relevant League, selecting the REQUEST TO JOIN tap and either accepting or rejecting the requests.

9.13 Unacceptable behavior

If as a participant you are exposed to or see others being exposed to unacceptable behavior in the form of obnoxious language, including threats and abuse language in either Chat or Messages, you can report this.

Start by taking a screenshot of the chat you feel is unacceptable, then tap the 3 dots next to the person in the chat and follow the directions to submit the abuse request to our support team.

Our support will then review the request and in case it is recognized, Odds Club will block the access to use Chat and Messages in the app for the player.

9.14 Exclude a player

ADMIN cannot even throw a participant out of a League but can contact our support if necessary.

9.15 The winner

Winners are the player who has earned the most points when all rounds are completed.

See also more under FAQ in the app or here

9.16. Open Leagues

Participation in open leagues is conditional on the user having an active PREMIUM subscription, and the payment for the PREMIUM subscription being completed before the deadline for the first round in the open league is exceeded.

If the payment has not been saved before the first Round of the Open League deadline has been exceeded, the user will only participate in the Open League when the current Round is over and the subsequent Round will open.

If the user cancels his PREMIUM subscription, the user is automatically unsubscribed from the Open Leagues the user may have joined.

10. Doubts and disagreements

In case of doubt or disagreement about the Terms of competition, Odds Club will determine the interpretation and decide the question at its discretion. No claim can be claimed against Odds Club, which otherwise reserves the right without notice, on the basis or otherwise on the basis of the competition, failure to publish, changes in match program/rounding, changes in odds, match cancellations or other circumstances. to make changes or additions to the rules.

11. Responsibility of the User

The user of the app is responsible for keeping his password secret. The user is obliged to immediately notify the administrator if the user discovers unauthorized access to his account. The user is also advised to log out of the Odds Club after using the game so that others cannot gain unauthorized access to the user's account.

12. Disclaimer

Odds Club disclaims any responsibility for any loss of data and / or changes to the user's position in the game due to downtime or technical errors in the system.

Odds Club does not set or change odds on its own but uses odds from a partner. The odds are used solely as a way to calculate points in the leagues and the odds available on the voucher are not necessarily identical to the odds offered by game providers.

Odds Club disclaims any responsibility for any loss of any actual betting odds, both at bookmakers and any private tournaments.



Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

When you use the app, Odds Club as a data controller processes your personal information in accordance with applicable law and in accordance with this privacy policy.

Below you will find our GDPR policy under EU law at May 25, 2018.

You can read more about Odds Club's processing of your personal data below, among others. get answers to the following:

  • What information do we collect about you? (see paragraph 2)
  • Why and how do we use your personal information? (see paragraph 3)
  • What rights do you have in this regard? (see paragraph 4)
  • How do we protect your personal information? (see paragraph 5), and
  • How do you contact us if you want to assert your rights? (see paragraphs 7 and 8).

See also our cookie policy for www.oddsclub.eu here, note that the app does not use cookies.

2. Collection of your personal data

Personal information is any kind of information that may be attributed to you to some extent.

When using our platforms, e.g. when you register as a customer, update your profile, purchase subscriptions or badges, use our services and services, sign up for our newsletters, or participate in contests or surveys, we collect and process personal information about you.

The first time you sign in to the app, we will ask you for your email address or some other login information. Other information that we may collect directly from you includes your name, email address, phone number, gender, date of birth, favorite sports club, company and any. Facebook profile. In connection with on-site purchases, we may ask for additional information such as address, telephone number and payment information. The latter is handled by third parties and will not be stored by the Odds Club.

When you join leagues we collect information about which leagues you participate in, your completed coupons incl. bonus match, your results and placement per round and per league, information provided in conjunction with the ongoing dialogue with you, including questions and answers related to the processing of your inquiries, information on any consent granted for the processing of personal data and marketing respectively, stored information from the devices you use to open emails, as well as information about your user behavior in those devices,

As our services depend on your personal data being accurate and up to date, we ask that you inform us of any changes to your personal data. You can always correct your master information yourself on your user profile in the app or by contacting our support.

3. Processing of your personal data

3.1 Purpose

We collect and process information about you in order to provide you with the optimal customer experience and to:

  • Identify yourself as a user and verify your information.
  • Record your purchases, payments and winnings and make payments
  • Provide the services you have requested, including submitting newsletters about the Odds Club and our products.
  • Keep statistics and analyze how you as a user use the app.
  • View relevant information and statistics about your game.
  • Improve the functionality of the platforms and our service, products and services.
  • Conduct surveys through emails, sms and phone calls, including satisfaction surveys and analyzes designed to improve our services, products, services and technologies.
  • Gain greater knowledge of our customers, including knowledge of our customers 'product preferences, customer behavior, game patterns, etc., so that we can target our communications and ensure that we display content and ads that match our customers' interests and preferences.
  • Marketing as described in the consent text.

3.2. The legal basis for processing your personal data

The legal basis for our collection and processing of

  • name, address, telephone number, e-mail, game history, payment information, in-app purchases, information provided in connection with the ongoing dialogue with you and information about possible consent for the processing of personal data and marketing respectively, is the fulfillment of the online gaming agreement , we have entered into with you (cf. Article 6 (1) (b) of the Data Protection Regulation and the legitimate interests of the Odds Club (cf. Article 6 (1) (f))). In the balancing of interests, it is important that Odds Club has a legitimate interest in managing your account and contacting you in connection with the use of your account, including processing transactions and exercising support.
  • the personal data for direct marketing purposes is consent (cf. Article 6 (1) (a) and the Marketing Act).
  • IP address, which games you click on and information about the use of and your use of in our app and on our website are consent (cf. Order on information requirements and consent when storing or accessing information in end users' terminal equipment).
  • Stored information, including which newsletters you open and click in, is consent (cf. Article 6 (1) (a) of the Data Protection Regulation).

Your consent to receive marketing is voluntary and you can withdraw it at any time by contacting our support or via the "unsubscribe link" contained in the Odds Club newsletters. If you revoke your consent to receive marketing, the consequence is that you will no longer receive information about new games, competitions, promotions, events, etc., and Odds Club will no longer be able to target relevant marketing to you.

3.3 Transferring Your Personal Information to Data Processors

In order to provide our services to you, we employ a number of partners who are data processors for the Odds Club. The data processors we use only process personal data on our behalf and do not use it for our own purposes.

We ensure that our data processors meet a high standard of data protection and information security, and that they also comply with relevant legislation. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can provide your information with adequate protection. When we use data, processors located outside the EU, all data transfers are carried out in accordance with the EU Commission's standard contract terms for transfer to third countries concluded between us and the data processor and ensure that we comply with EU data protection rules. In addition, we require that our data processors protect and delete your personal information within a reasonable time after they have completed the agreed task.

  • Odds Club uses and transmits your personal data to the following data processors who process and store your personal data:
  • Game and platform providers.
  • System and hosting providers.
  • Advertising and media agencies.
  • Analysis Agencies.
  • Banking institutions and providers of payment solution for internet commerce.
  • Suppliers and freight forwarders in connection with the distribution of prizes.
  • Potential buyers of Odds Club.
  • Google Analytics by visiting oddsclub.eu - More information at support.google.com
  • Facebook if you use Facebook login in the app. - For more information, visit https://developers.facebook.com/policy

We do not sell your personal information to others. That is, we do not disclose or sell your personal information without your consent.

3.4 Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Odds Club reserves the right to disclose your personal information to public authorities, including the police, in the event of suspected fraud, abuse or other criminal conduct.

3.5 Deletion of Your Personal Information

Odds Club reserves the right to disclose your personal information to public authorities, including the police, in the event of suspected fraud, abuse or other criminal conduct.

The information is stored for the period allowed and required by law. We delete your personal information when it is no longer necessary to keep it for the purposes for which it was collected and to document our right to the processing of personal data and our compliance with the rules on the processing of personal data and other legislation.

If you notify us that you no longer wish to be a customer, you will immediately be blocked in our system and will no longer receive any communication or marketing from us. At the same time, we stop processing your information for marketing purposes.

4. Your rights

You have a number of rights under our personal data rules in relation to our processing of information about you. If you would like to exercise your rights, please contact us. You can see our contact information below in section 8. You can read more about your rights in the Data Inspectorate's guide to the data subjects' rights, which you can find at www.datatilsynet.dk

4.1 Right to gain access to your personal data

You always have the right to gain insight into what personal data we have registered about you. However, access may be limited, among other things. for the sake of other people's rights and freedoms, trade secrets and intellectual property rights.

4.2 Right to have inaccurate or deleted personal data

If the personal information we process about you is inaccurate, you have the right to have it corrected.

In special cases, you have the right to have information deleted about you before the time of our regular general deletion. In some cases, we will have an obligation to delete your personal information. If you believe that your data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it, you may request that it be deleted. You may also contact us if you believe that your personal information is being processed in violation of the law or other legal obligations.

Deletion occurs, provided there are no pending financial transactions between you and the Odds Club (such as unpaid invoices) and that there is no legal balance (such as a lawsuit) between you and the Odds Club.

You can always correct your master information yourself on your user profile in the app.

4.3 Right to object to our processing of your personal data

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. If your objection is justified, we will stop processing your personal information.

4.4 Disclosure of Your Personal Information

You have the right to transfer the personal data that you have made available to us or that we process about you as part of the online gaming agreement we have entered into with you with another service provider (data portability). If you wish to exercise your right to data portability, you will receive your personal information from us in a commonly used format.

5. Protecting Your Personal Information

We have high standards of security, including when it comes to protecting your privacy. Therefore, we have a number of internal procedures and policies that ensure that we live up to our high safety standards. We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent your information from being accidentally or unlawfully deleted, published, lost, impaired or in the knowledge of unauthorized persons, abused or otherwise treated in violation of the law.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy

If there are any changes to this Privacy Policy, an updated version will always appear on the app and on www.oddsclub.eu and will then apply to our processing of your personal information. We recommend that you periodically review your privacy policy so that you are familiar with the current version.

7. Inquiries and complaints

If you have questions about this privacy policy or would like to exercise your rights, see point 4 above, including insight into what information we have registered about you, requesting the correction of errors in your information, etc., write to us. Our contact information can be found below in point 8.

You have the right to file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency if you are dissatisfied with the way we process your personal data. You can find the Data Inspectorate's contact information at www.datatilsynet.dk

8. Contact information

Contact person: Martin Holdt Nielsen, Odds Club ApS

Address: Holken 7, 8210 Aarhus V

CVR: 38 40 52 68

Phone: +45 2972 ​​8673

Email: support@oddsclub.eu




Updated 11. January 2020 version 1.0