Q: How do I create a league?
A: Navigate to ADMIN, press CREATE NEW LEAGUE in top of the screen and follow League creation flow to enter League description, select sports, select countries and select Leauges.
Don't forget to invite your friends after creating your league.
Press Settings and select Invite Players and select how you want to invite them to join your League.
See video here: https://youtu.be/MOJbNklVTmw

Q: How do I join a league?
A: Navigate to LEAGUES and press search icon in upper right corner.
Enter specific League name in search field and press Join League in listed Leagues below.
League Admin will get notification that you want to join League and will have to approve you.
Once approved by Admin League will appear in League overview screen.
Please note that to join an OPEN League you will have to have be PREMIUM user.

Q: How do I invite players to my league?
A: Navigate to Admin.
Press settings and select Invite Players and select how you want to invite them to join your League.

Q: Does it cost money to play?
A: No, once you have downloaded the Odds Club App you can create and join as many Leagues as you want for free.

Q: What is a bonus match
A: Admin can create a League enabling the Bonus Match feature.
If so, then all players will have to select one match  in each round as their Bonus Match.
If the result of the match is correct, player will be rewarded with double points for that match.

Q: What is a Co-Admin?
A: If you select a Co-Admin for your league, Co-Admin will have same access to edit your league and make coupons for League rounds.
Co-Admin is set by pressing ADMIN, then select your League settings and press Set Co-Admin.
Then select your Co-Admin from your players in the League.
See video here: https://youtu.be/rh27ts6C4LY

Q: Deadlines?
A: Deadlines for setting your coupon is 6 hours before the first kick-off of the matches on the coupon.
This deadline can be extended to only 15 minuttes before the first kick-off if you subscribe to PREMIUM.
Deadline for ADMIN for adding matches is 30 minuttes. So if kick-off is less then 30 minuttes away, match will no longer be visible in the list of matches.

Q: When can I see the result of a round?
A: When the last match in a round has finished, the results for the League will be updated.
If you are PREMIUM user, the results will be updated after every match during the round.

Q: Why don't I receive PUSH messages?
A: You will only receive PUSH messages if you have agreed to receive PUSH messages when you first logged into the app or if you have allowed PUSH messages under Settings.

Additionally, you will only receive PUSH messages if you are logged into the app. Even if the app is shut down, you will still receive PUSH messages.

Q: Sign-in possibilities and limitations

Sign-up with E-mail address and password

If you register as a user with E-mail and password, you can subsequently use log-in with E-mail and password and SIGN-IN WITH FACEBOOK (provided that the E-mail you used for the creation is the same as the one you use for Facebook log-in).


If you register as a user with SIGN-IN WITH FACEBOOK, this is the only log-in method you can use to log in to the app.

Sign-up with Sign in with Apple

If you register as a user using Sign in with Apple, this is the only log-in method you can use to log in to the app.

Q: Can I see my results during a round?
A: Yes, if you are PREMIUM user, standings are updated after every finished match.
Press Leagues in Leagues section to see standings.
Press players to see their individual results.

Q: What is a PREMIUM subscription?
A: A PREMIUM subscription gives you the following advantages over non PREMIUM users:

  • No adds
  • Extended coupon and bonus game deadline - 15 minutes before the first match starts
  • Free badge selection for your profile picture
  • View statistics for other users' choices on the coupon before filling out your own coupon
  • Auto-generated random coupon if you forget to fill out your coupon before the deadline
  • Live update of coupons and points after each match on the coupon is completed
  • See what your league players have selected on coupons after the first match has started in the round

A PREMIUM subscription can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis.

Q: How can I buy a PREMIUM account?
A: Press menu button in upper left corner and select Buy PREMIUM Acccount.
After that select if you want to subscribe as PREMIUM user per month or per year.

Q: How to terminate PREMIUM subscription?
A: If you want to terminate your PREMIUM subscription you have to do that in your subscriptions settings on your device.

Q: How do I add a badge to my profile?
A: Press Menu button in upper left corner and select User Account.
Press badge icon on profile picture, select badge and save badge.
If you are a PREMIUM user you can freely choose and change all the badges you want, if you are not a PREMIUM user you buy access to use each selected badge seperatly.
See video here: https://youtu.be/I3gBibLvcLA

Q: How can I report abusive behavior?
A: Navigate to LEAGUE section and press chat icon for the League in question. Take screen shot of the abusive chat and save on your device.
Press the three dots next to user and enter your resons for reporting user, attach screen shot of abusive chat and press Report.
Odds Club support team will evaluate your report and in case of abuse take appropiate action towards reported abusive user.
See video here: https://youtu.be/_zP8jImNnG4

Q: How can I edit my account details?
A: Press Menu button in upper left corner and select User Account to see your details. Press Edit to edit your details.

Q: How do I contact League Admin?
A: Navigate to MESSAGES and press chat icon for the League in question.
Press NEW MESSAGE to enter a message to League Admin.
If you already have an ongoing conversation, simply select that one and reply.

Q: How do I edit a League?
A: Navigate to ADMIN and press the Edit icon on the League you want to edit.
From here you can edit the League settings like, #rounds, which sports and leagues.
You can invite more players and you can set up to 3 Co-Admins for your League.

Q: What is an OPEN League?
A: An OPEN league is a League managed by Odds Club, but with same gameplay as private Leagues.
OPEN Leagues is only available for PREMIUM users.

Q: If a match is postponed / canceled
A:If a match is canceled or postponed, it will be flagged in the app and any guesses on the outcome of that match will be canceled and count as 0 points.

If a canceled or postponed match is your bonus match, unfortunately it is extra unlucky.

Q: Points for a correct guess?
A: We play on the final result, ie. that in any knock-out rounds, the final result is valid, ie after extended playing time and any penalty shootout.

Did you not find the answer to your question, please contact Odds Club Support: support@oddsclub.eu