Henrik Christensen – Founder, Owner & Member of the Board

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Syddansk Universitet

Henrik has more than 25 years’ experience working with business and organizational development in finance- and management positions both in Denmark and internationally.

Living in Odense Denmark with his family, Henrik is a passionated runner with a lot of half-marathons and a single marathon in his legs.

He off course loves to watch a variety of sports live and on tv.


Contact email – hc@oddslub.eu

Martin Holdt Nielsen – Founder, co-owner & Member of the Board.

Master of Law from Aarhus Universitet

Martin has for the last 20+ years been working with IT and business development, customer service management and sales in international companies.

Living in Aarhus Denmark with his family, Martin has in the recent years taken up running and joined Henrik in running half-marathons.

Martin is now trying to keep up with Henriks pace and we  just love to challenge each other.

Martin is also a fairly regular guest at stadions.


Contact email – mhn@oddslub.eu

Henrik and Martin best friends since Business School 25 years ago, have realized their common dream about making a business together.
“Odds Club is exactly the idea we have been waiting for and we are very excited about the adventure we have just started”